Saturday, October 25, 2014

[New post] Peace

Dini M posted: ""There is no path to peace. Peace is the path". M. Ghandi By H is for Happiness, one of my beautiful yogi students here in Malta. Check out her Facebookpage by clicking here..  "

[New post] Halloween Houses – Quagmire and Joe

hollypopsicle posted: "There have been 3 halloween skins added for the Griffin House, Swanson house and Quagmires house. But are they worth buying? Well are they worth it? Definitely not for clams. Most of the decorations are so small you can barely notice them, but they "

[New post] Day Out with Thomas in Cordele

Lesli posted: "SAM Shortline | Cordele Georgia Veterans State Park 2459 U.S. Highway 280 WCordele, GAView Website Tickets are just under $23 each. From the Day Out with Thomas  website: Thomas will visit the SAM Shortline Excursion Train at Georgia Veterans State Park"

Friday, October 24, 2014

[New post] Stay-Puft Strategy (inc. S’mores needed and drop rates)

zooeymarie posted: "Find out how many S'mores needed at each streak and how many Marshmallow Goops you will receive, and some advice regarding the challenge. The amount of S'mores needed at each streak when defeating Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man are: 3 7 13 20 30 There i"

[New post] How to: collect rockets

hollypopsicle posted: "You don't need to head on over to your local store to buy some rockets you just need to organise your playing time like you organise your sock drawer..... (RED) Gasoline Rockets These are available from: - Chris: Find s' more casing bits - Bruce: Fin"

[New post] Yoga Malta warm wintering home

Dini M posted: "Where to start in trying to describe our first impressions of Malta? Forts and massive walls don't look too welcoming as you sail into the harbour (either of them – two natural bays, a bit like a miniature version of Sydney and Pitt Water). Even intimidat"

[New post] Week 4: Brewing Prizes

zooeymarie posted: "We have new prizes to brew in our witchy cauldron! Find out what you need for each prize, how to collect the items and overall totals: Huge Freaking Skull What do I need: 1000 Spirit Vials (earned by colle"